President Hadi receives group of Hadhramout’s dignitaries

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September Net

President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi received on Wednesday a group of Hadhramout’s dignitaries represented by Sheikh Abdullah al-Katheri, Sheikh Awadh al-Jaberi, Sheikh Saeed Bawazeer, Sheikh Anwar al-Tamimi and Sheikh Salem al-Nuhaidi.

President welcomed all, praising their good roles in serving Hadhramout; the valley, desert and cost as united province to be a capital to Hadhramout Region.

He pointed to a number of projects in the province for rehabilitating its infrastructure in fields of power, roads, water, education and others, in addition to granting it powers in the framework of realizing the Federal Yemen of six regions away of patronage and centralization.

“The future will be for Hadhramout; its valley and coast, Hadhramout the province and Hadhramout the region in the framework of the New Federal Yemen,” said President.

The dignitaries expressed their pleasure for meeting the president, confirming their support to him and the Federal Yemen Project and announcing Hadhramout Region. They pointed to efforts of the leadership of Hadhramout and its dignitaries in contributing of solving many issues and difficulties, as well as realizing security and stability.
The meeting tackled also a number of issues concerning all people.


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