Minister Askar calls for taking strict positions towards Houthi crimes against Yemenis

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September Net

Minister of Human Rights Mohammad Askar has called the international community to take more serious and firm position towards Houthi crimes and violations against Yemeni people.

On the occasion of the 71st Ceremony of the International Human Rights Day marking December 10 every year, Askar said that silence towards Houthi crimes helps Houthi rebel militia to escalate against the society and the legitimacy.

He reviewed Houthi crimes and breaches against human rights, including killing and recruiting children as soldiers, torturing detainees, displacing opponents, bombing houses and mosques, kidnapping, forcibly disappearance, looting funds, imposing financial tariffs and seizing salaries of government’s employees.

He also warned of Houthi violations extending to imposing religious creeds in schools and mosques, using civilians as human shields, shelling populated neighborhoods and planting mines in roads, farms and public places leading to falling of many civilian victims including children and women.

Human rights voice in Yemen have been resounding in all international, Arab and national forums despite difficult humanitarian situations, said Minister of Human Rights Mohammad Askar.

He added that the most important right to human being is his right to live and significance of respecting this right by others and not harming it or breaching it as a right ensured by all divine religions including Islam, which granted human being rights before birth and before rights made in this age.


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