Ambassador briefs Moroccan SP on Houthi crimes against Yemen civilians

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September Net

Yemen’s ambassador to Rabat Izz al-Deen al-Asbahi briefed the Speaker of the Moroccan parliament Habeeb al-Maliki on the Houthi crimes against civilians in Yemen.

In a meeting they held Friday, Al-Asbahi familiarized al-Maliki on the Houthi attack that killed and injured several relatives of Yemeni parliamentarian Hussein al-Sawadi as a missile hit their house in Arowdha area of Marib city in eastern Yemen a couple of days ago. Al-Sawadi are only one of thousands of Yemeni families who escaped Houthi theocratic militants’ crackdown in north and western Yemen.

Al-Asbahi also pointed to the Houthi attack on a mosque which led to the killing and injuring of 111 army members and civilians.


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