Houthi militia targets Yemeni identity through education

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September Net

Since the Iran-backed Houthi rebels’ coup against Yemen’s legitimate authority on September 21, 2014, they have sought to target the educational process in Yemen by deforming the curriculum as it matches the ideas of the sectarian and terrorist militia.

The Houthi rebel militia with this crime, is targeting the national identity by making sectarian changes within the curriculum and deforming the educational process.

It also forces schoolchildren to attend sectarian programmes through which ideas inciting violence and hatred are instilled, and thousands of school students are pushed to fight in their ranks.

Several published reports have revealed the Houthi rebel militia has distorted basic study materials and made modifications to textbooks, in order to pass on their sectarian ideas and brainwash students’ minds, as part of the militia’s policy of destroying education in Yemen.

Local sources in the capital Sana’a affirmed that the Houthi rebels changed the names of some government schools in the capital with names belonging to the their sectarian ideas and beliefs.


According to a circular issued by the Houthi Education Office in the capital Sana’a,  the militia has replaced the name of Khaled bin Al-Walid School, to Imam Al-Hadi School, Al-Faruq School to the name of Imam Zaid bin Ali, Babel School to the School of September 21, and Othman bin Affan School to Malik Al-Ashter School, and a school Omar Al-Mukhtar to Ali bin Al-Hussein School.


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