Well-trained national army gains winning

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September Net

As the sun rises every new day, Yemeni minds are radiating the well-trained Yemen’s national army, whose first seed was formed as a result of the struggle at a crucial moment in Yemen’s endeavoring history.

The history that has been strongly defeating the project of darkness and imami backwardness, which brought by a gang born out of ignorance, brought up in the caves of hatred, and fed on murder, looting, theft, and fabrication.

The well-trained Yemeni national army came from a firm belief in freedom, dignity, anti-slavery and racial discrimination among the people of one nation.

Faith brings freedom and dignity to a nation that for thousands of years has not experienced humiliation or submission to a dictator.

The national army, with the support of tribesmen and the Saudi-led Arab coalition, is achieving victories on various fronts in Al-Jawf, Serwah Marib and Al-Bayda, insisting on the full triumph over the Houthi rebel militias, when they tried to seize the state institutions and its republican regime.

Yemen’s national army has achieved winnings, changed the course of the battle, and exposed the militia’s fake media sent to the ears of simple publics.

On the other hand, the Yemen national army media succeeded to break the grip of the militia’s lies, and sent to the ears and eyes of all Yemenis the fact that the national army is the winner, and the fake winning of the militias is nothing but a lie that evaporated and faded in the air.


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