VP Tariq Saleh meets with Head of UNMHA


September Net

Vice President of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) Brigadier Tariq Saleh met today in the temporary capital Aden with the Head of the United Nations Mission to support the Hodeidah Agreement (UNMHA), Chair of the Redeployment Coordination Committee General Michael Beary.

The VP of the PLC explained the developments relating to the implementation of the UN-brokered truce, blaming Houthis militias for failing to put Stockholm Agreement in place, citing its ongoing breaches of the truce and attacks on the peoples’ houses, farms and planting landmines and explosives devices.

Brig. Saleh reiterated the PLC’s support for the UN-led efforts to support the implementation of Hodeidah Agreement in full as stipulated in Stockholm Agreement in order to end the population’s suffering, establish peace and security in the governorate.

He touched upon the government’s commitment to the UN-sponsored truce, indicating that 12 ships loaded fuels docked in Hodeidah seaport since the truce put into its effects and opened humanitarian routes to ease the civilians moves including the highway connects between Taiz and Hodeidah governorates.

Saleh called on the UNMHA to mount pressures upon Houthi militias to carry out Stockholm Agreement, withdraw from Hodiedah city and seaports, allocate the seaport’s revenes to pay the government employees’ salaries, exchange- prisoners, open the Highway between-Hais and Al-Jarahi from its own part and bring back telecom services to the two districts of al-Khokha and Hais.

The VP of the PLC stressed that it is very important to conduct investigation into the killing of Colonel Mohammed Assalahi , the representative of the government in the Redeployment Committee. Assalahi killed while on duty by Houthi sniper .

General Beary expressed his keenness to boost communication and coordination in the upcoming period to push Stockholm Agreement and support peace


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