At least 167 of Houthi-Saleh militias killed in a week of fierce battles

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At least 167 militants of Houthi-Saleh rebel militias, including six senior commanders, have been killed in past seven days of fierce battles with the National Army across the northern warfronts of the country, except Nihm east of Sana’a, military sources confirmed to September Net.

The sources added that dozens others militias were also wounded in the battles that took place during the third week of September, in five different Yemeni provinces: Taiz, Shabwah, Hajjah, Albaidah, al-Jawf

“The fighting, in the same week, resulted also in tens of dead and injured from the radical militias but the number couldn’t be verified.”

Seventy more militiamen were killed last Monday when Arab coalition aircraft bombed a training camp for Houthi-Saleh coup militias northern Sana’a, in the Directorate of Hamdan, according to the sources.

Meanwhile, among the killed and wounded militias in Shabwah province, was the commander of the north front of Asilan and Bayhan districts, called Abu Abdullah al-Amrani. Three armed vehicles and four rocket platforms belong to the militias were destroyed as well by the army and coalition, they added.

In Taiz city, southwestern the country, fifty armed militias were killed including two field leaders and dozens others were injured. While in the coastal Midi of Hajjah province, Houthi-Saleh insurgents suffered dozens deaths and injuries including a field leader.

In al-Jawf and Saada provinces, three rebels were killed and two military vehicles were destroyed by Apache of coalition forces, and weapons depot was destroyed by army artillery, as well as military vehicles packed with militia elements were bombed by aircraft.

The painful losses militias incurred during the same week continued, this time in Albaydah where 22 armed rebels were killed including two field leaders, and many others were maimed. In addition to destruction of weapons store, four military vehicles, a mortar and a gun machine, and great deal of ammunition and weapons, the sources explained.

The sources went further adding that as many as 17 militiamen of Houthi-Saleh insurgents, including the supervisor of Rada’a districts, have been killed and tens others were wounded in fierce battles with fighters of Popular Resistance , in the central province Albaidah.



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