Coup militias suffer fatal losses in Taiz’s warfronts

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September Net.

Violent confrontations have been taking place between National Army and Houthi-Saleh militias in different battlefields in the city of Taiz, southwest the country.

Military source said that the army backed by resistance fighters managed to ward off coup militia attack on the villages of al-Girat and al-Arish, which they took over on Saturday east of Saber Mount, inflicting militias causalities and material losses.

Friday’s heinous crime, committed by the militia against a teacher’s family, executing his wife and son and wounding his brother, has triggered villagers to rally around the national army yo purge militias out of their villages.

Meanwhile, the battles between the two sides has expanded Monday to the area of al-Shukb of Saber Almawadem Directorate as the militias tried to infiltrate to some areas, but they were strongly defeated and forced to retreat.

Local sources said two rebels were killed and others were injured during fighting, pointing out that militias tried unsuccessfully to regain positions in several villages east Saber, which national army recaptured from them.

In southeastern district of al-Selw, the army and militias exchanged artillery shelling and clashed sporadically in a number of positions.

Arab Coalition Fighters targeted with two air raids the sites of militias in Moza’a district amid underway battles in the outskirts of al-Hameli area west of the city.

Field sources told September Net that the air raids pounded military vehicles and crowds belonging to the putschists, killing and wounding many of them , in addition to the destruction of a military patrol east of Moza’a.
Houthis militia suffer fatal losses in Taiz’s warfronts



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