30 Houthi rebels killed and wounded in Hajjah province


September Net

Dozens of Iran-backed Houthi militias were killed and injured in clashes with Hajoor tribes on Friday in Yemen’s northwestern province of Hajjah

Field sources told September Net that “the situation in Kara, a district in Hajoor, was normal until the putschist militias opened today a new front sparking heavy fighting resulted in 30 killed and injured among the militias, as well  destruction of three of their combat vehicles”.

The sources said the militias had also deployed heavy combat equipment and snipers on top of a school and health center in the district, then started launching intense bombing on the resistance as well as on residential neighborhoods.

It’s very important to note that Houthi militias have mobilized its militants from some regions in Hodeida and pushed them to Hajoor front, where the they have been inflicted large number of casualties and heavy material losses in its ranks, most recently was today in Kara district of Hajoor


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