Houthis kill child, injure dozen civilians in Hodeida

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September Net

Houthi militias killed a child and seriously wounded others on Saturday in Tohaita district south of Hodeida province.

“The rebel militia rained down the district’s northern residential areas with more than 12 mortars and artillery rockets, killing one child, a citizen, and wounding dozen people seriously, most of them children, local source said.

They said ambulances rushed to the scene and took a number of civilians who sustained life-threatening injuries to nearby hospital in the area. “The shelling also fully destroyed some houses and partially damaged others”.

Last Thursday, Houthi militia also killed five children by heavy shelling on their neighborhood in the same district. The Iran-backed Houthi rebels have stepped up its atrocities and attacks against civilians in Hodeida despite the UN-sponsored ceasefire that the militia has been violating and refusing to implement since it went into effect last December.


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