Houthi militia massacred whole family in Hodeida 

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September Net

Three members of a family were killed and six others injured by the Houthi militia’s shelling on their house on Monday in Yemen western province of Hodeida.

Local sources said the coupist militia ” indiscriminately bombarded the houses of civilians in Janalia area in Al-Tohaita district west of Hodeida.

“Among the injured are five children, and they are in life-threatening condition”, medical sources said.

The sources said the militia’s bombing also causes “huge damages on the houses and people’s property.”

Two days ago, the Iran-backed Houthi militia rained down the district with more than 12 mortar and artillery rockets, killing one child and a citizen, and seriously wounding dozen others, most of them were children in critical situations.

Again in the same district,  Tihaita, Houthi rebels also killed five more children last Thursday by random bombardment on the  houses of people.

Houthi militia continue to breach the UN ceasefire in Hodeida, heavily and continually bombing civilians there, as a result,  many civilians most of them women and children were have been killed and injured.


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