Army inflicts Houthi militias gross losses in Taiz


September Net – Majeed al-Dhababi

Houthi coupist militias suffered major human and materials losses during the two days in Taiz city.

Fierce battles took place between National Army and Houthi militias in various fronts across the city.

In Makbanah front, the militias tried to raid the army’s sites in Al-Kahefa sub-district, but were thwarted and forced to flee. The clashes stretched out the vicinity of Merab village and Barka Mount, leaving sever rebels killed and wounded.

Arab coalition aircraft bombarded positions and fortifications of Houthi rebels in several areas of Makbanah, killing and wounding scores of them and destroyed combat equipment of theirs.

The Army forces also engaged in heavy fighting with Houthi militants  around the Air  Defense Camp, Old Airport and Yassen Hill, as the militia tried to breached the army’s location.

In Al-Rubaye’ and Hairan, the army artillery struck reinforcement for the militias, causing deaths and injuries among their ranks.

In Al-Dabab front, a number of Houthi militia were killed and injured including the field leader so-called Mohammed Ahmed Bagash.

“The city’s western front seen repeated attempts by Houthi militias to sneak into our positions, but they were dealt with severe casualties and setbacks,” said Commander of Operations in the 17th Brigade..

Colonel Abdu Hamood al-Saghir added that the militias tried only to make a “morale gains for its depressed militants.” But in every endeavor, they incurred major losses in manpower and materials.

Col. Al-Saghir said the National Army forces in the past few days targeted scattered positions where the militia stationed in the western fronts. As result, ” dozens of rebels were killed and injured, and many war vehicles and equipment of theirs destroyed.”

Regarding recent battles, Al-Saghir said “the army heroes fought last night fierce battles against the militias in several areas, and we managed to break and halt all the enemy’s attacks coupled with heavy gunfire shootings.”

In the city’s eastern fronts, the Houthi militias attempted to infiltrate the army’s sites, sparking violent clashes in the east of Saber district.

National Army could foil the attempt, killing 7 rebels, wounding four and captured three more elements.


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