Dep. Interior Minister reveals involvement of Houthi leaders in smuggling antiquities out of the country

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September Net

Deputy Interior Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammed Salem bin Aboud al-Sharif confirmed influential Houthi leaders involvement in illegal antiquities trade.

Maj. Gen. al-Sharif said that research, investigative and intelligence teams had picked up in recent days information which revealed that influential figures among Houthi militias were responsible for the smuggling of antiquities outside the country.

Al-Sharif, in a phone conversation with Asharq Al-Awsat, explained that antiquities had been illegally transferred from Houthi-run areas, adding that INTERPOL had been contacted to follow up on the matter.

He also confirmed that all areas falling under Houthis control are prone to mega smuggling operations that involve weaponry and counterfeit cash. He added that the Ministry of Interior had succeeded in spotting and intercepting large quantities of cash destined for Sanaa, a Houthi stronghold.


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