Houthis request YR one million ransom to release female abductee

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September Net

Houthi militia has demanded YR one million as ransom to release the female abductee Eman al-Bashiri.

The rebels militia kidnapped Eman al-Bashiri, mother of three, last month, holding her in the prison of Criminal Investigation Department in Sana’a

Media sources said Houthi militia has been extorting family of Al-Bashiri and wanted them to pay a ransom of ( $1800 US) to free their daughter.

Abduction cases against women has increased recently in the streets of the capital Sana’a under the militia control.

Earlier, the Anti-Human Trafficking Organization revealed the Houthi militias’ involvement in abducting girls in Sana’a, accusing the girls with false charges and blackmailing and extorting their relatives with huge amount of money.


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